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January 15

Drove back to the farm. Near home I stopped at the OfficeMax in Oneonta and bumped into John, an elderly dairy farmer and staunch Republican, with whom I serve on the Delaware County Farm Bureau. John handed me a hundred dollar bill. I asked him what it was for, and he said he’d been carrying the $100 around for me since reading in the Daily Star that I’d been campaigning for the self-employed in New Hampshire. I told him that I didn’t even know the article had been written. He said the article was great, that he was glad someone was speaking out for the self-employed. He figured my activities had to cost money, and he wanted to help. Gave John a big thank-you.

January 16 18

I saw Lisa for one night, then she took the occasion of my early return to go off to an herb conference. Typed up my birddogging journal, and emailed it to diverse people and groups. Kept both wood stoves stoked through the frigid weather, and saw to the many needs of my two teenage children, particularly chauffeuring them to and from friends and events.

January 19

Drove back to New Hampshire. While driving, listened to the Iowa Caucus returns.


Clark, Lieberman, Sharpton did not participate.

Gephardt was finished. Dean was in trouble.

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