Hang onto your heart

The movie is out. Hang Onto Your Heart: Birddogging for the Self-Employed has some fresh ideas for Republicans and Democrats, voters and strategists. But there isn’t much time left. OFFICIAL SITE


Don’t submit…to Mitt

Mitt Romney claims to represent American small business. A scene from Hang Onto Your Heart demonstrates that he doesn’t even know there is a Self-Employment Tax on 23 million small businesses. WATCH NOW

MAY 2012

‘Hang Onto Your Heart’ wins accolades

The Republicans’ answers for the self-employed are now the subject of a documentary film. Hang Onto Your Heart earned The Accolade’s Award of Merit for its spirited challenge to the Republican small business mantra, and it will be made freely available before the general election.

JANUARY 2012 - UPDATE in the news

This year’s birddogging expedition gets a write-up in You’re the Boss, The New York Times’ small business blog. Robb Mandelbaum offers commentary on what Romney, Santorum, Paul, and Huntsman had to say about the self-employed. Read the article or see it for yourself.

For more coverage, see WMUR (television host of the New Hampshire debate) and the Los Angeles Times.


Birddogging '12: Republicans on Record

This birddogging season features an entirely different cast of characters—the Republicans—and our story takes a new medium. Just in time for the election,’s YouTube channel has all the presidential candidates in New Hampshire on camera. WATCH NOW


Birddogging '08: Faith in Seeds

New Hampshire is a great place to birddog insofar as nearly all the presidential candidates focus a large measure of their in person campaign appearances there the month before the New Hampshire presidential primary, the events are rela­tively small, and from the center of the state the candidates are nearly always less than an hour and a half away. READ MORE


Birddogging in New Hampshire

“Birddogging” is an expression used to describe the activities of an advocate who follows candidates for the purpose of declaring a point of view, and hopefully moving candidates to that same opinion. What follows are my experiences bird­dogging on behalf of the self-employed in the three weeks prior to the 2004 New Hampshire presidential primary. READ MORE

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